A Guest at the Shooters’ Banquet: My Grandfather and the SS, My Jewish Family, A Search for the Truth

A Guest at the Shooters' Banquet-150x228A Guest at the Shooters’ Banquet: My Grandfather and the SS, My Jewish Family, A Search for the Truth is Rita Gabis’s provocative memoir, out September 8, 2015, from Bloomsbury US/UK. Gabis says, “The book took me to Eastern Europe as well as Israel for archival work and interviews in my attempt to create a deeply sourced narrative about my Lithuanian grandfather’s wartime activities. I come from a blended family, first generation Lithuanian Catholic on my mother’s side and Ashkenazi Jew on my father’s. I knew my Lithuanian grandfather well as a young person and adored him. This book represents a journey, a close examination of collaboration in an occupied country, profiles of survivors and the last eye-witnesses, and so much more. It is also a book of gratitude for the many people who entrusted me with their stories.”

Starred Kirkus review.

Interview by Peter Slen of C-Span’s Book TV.

Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse, by Tim Tomlinson
Tomlinson_Tim_COVTim Tomlinson’s Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse will appear in October, 2015. It’s in pre-sale now, and can be ordered at Finishing Line Press.  Here’s what advance readers have said:

Each work in Tomlinson’s Yolanda stands like a bare tree in a devastated landscape, starkly beautiful.  At once oral history and found poem, Tomlinson’s document retains the shock and numbness of those who survived while whittling their accounts to profound poems of dignity amid the anguish after disaster.  

–Robin Hemley, A Field Guide for Immersion Writing: Memoir, Journalism, and Travel

In Yolanda, the reader lands in the eye of the storm, then is pulled even closer into the grit, the grief, the very hearts of Super-Typhoon Yolanda’s survivors. In twenty-seven poems fashioned from first person accounts, Tomlinson salvages from the dark wreckage, then polishes to a fierce shine as only a poet can, these narratives of courage, faith, the goodness of strangers, the bonds of family and friendship, and ultimately, the defiant hope of the Filipino people. As William Carlos Williams has said, “It is difficult / to get the news from poems / yet men die miserably every day / for lack /of what is found there.” Read this book: tread the deep waters, cry out, sing with the voices, grasp a hand, and live.

-Angela Narciso Torres, Blood Orange

Izzy & Oscar by Allison Estes and Dan Stark, Illustrations by Tracy Dockray

izzyoscarfinalHave you ever taught an octopus to roll over? It’s harder than it looks. Izzy has always wanted a pet. So when an adventurous octopus squiggles into town, Izzy decides to keep him. After all, a real pirate captain has to have a mascot. Oscar is not very good at going for walks or playing fetch. (Although he is amazing at hide and seek). And he’s definitely not like other pets…but he is just right for Izzy. Readers will be tickled by Izzy’s attempts to teach Oscar to behave like a dog, a parrot, a pony—and gratified by Izzy’s realization that in the end we love others for who they are…eight arms and all!

“This exciting story is full of rich vocabulary, beautiful pencil and dye illustrations, and belly-laugh humor that young children will love.”  School Library Journal

 “A goofy, good-natured story of a decidedly nontraditional pet.” Publisher’s Weekly

“A grand addition to any pet-themed read-aloud session.” Kirkus 

*An Accelerated Reader Quiz Selection

Release date: April 7, 2015 | Age Range: 4 – 8 years | Purchase at Amazon.com

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