Writing the Addict: A Multi-Genre Workshop in the Representation of Addiction

In this six-week online course, participants consider the ways that addiction has been written about in poetry, memoir, and fiction, then borrow premises and strategies to launch their own work. The first week looks at a number of angles on addiction. Weeks two through five trace an arc: early experiences, deeper involvement, bottoming out, getting out. We’ll see instances of tolerance, withdrawal, relapse, craving. We’ll look at a few examples that deal specifically with various steps of Twelve-Step recovery. In each section, participants will be asked to write their own accounts, based on the craft or the content (or both) of the samples under consideration. The sixth and final week will look at methods of revision, consolidation, and publication. Workshop critique guidelines will establish methods of manuscript analysis. Each participant will receive at least one extensive analysis from the instructor. By the end of the sessions, participants will have an overview of addiction as it’s appeared in prose and poetry, along with several drafts-in-progress (of prose or poetry), one or more of which might lead completed, publishable work. [Models for course work will derive from some of the following sources: Ann Marlowe, D. Watkins, Kim Addonizio, Solomon Jones, Mary Gaitskill, Robert Bingham, Emily Carter, Raymond Carver, Jeet Thayil, others.]

DATES Oct 6 – Nov 17: six online sessions

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Tim Tomlinson is co-founder of New York Writers Workshop, co-author of its popular text, The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, and author of the poetry collections Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse, and Requiem for the Tree Fort I Set on Fire. His collection of short fiction, This Is Not Happening to You, appears in Fall 2017. His work has been published in Australia, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and in many venues in the US, including the anthologies Long Island Noir (Akashic Books), and the Brooklyn Poets Anthology (Brooklyn Arts Press). He’s offered workshops and given talks at many international locations, recently including Guangzhou and Shanghai, China, Adelaide, Australia, and at the Philippines Consulate in New York City. He’s a certified yoga instructor, an avid scuba diver, and his past addresses include extended residencies in Shanghai, Manila, London, Florence, New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Andros Island, Bahamas, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, where he currently lives with his wife. He’s a member of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators. He teaches writing workshops and hybrid seminars on addiction in NYU’s Global Liberal Studies program.

Person, Place, Poem

The Course

Person, Place, Poem is a six-week online workshop in poetry. Those new to poetry will learn some craft and generate some poems, while experienced poets will pick up a few new tricks and work a few muscles. Along the way we'll look at previously published work by a range of contemporary poets, which might include Kim Addonizio, Mahogany Browne, Nick Flynn, Jason Koo, Terrance Hayes, Dorianne Laux, others, along with poetry from around the globe, across the spectrum, and/or in the “canon.” We’ll consider setting, persona, voice, music, truth, image, presence, the line, and forms (sonnet, haiku, the abecedarian, odes, free verse). Each week, participants are given optional exercises to try and to post; the group offers feedback, and the instructor offers substantive critique*. By the end of the sessions, each participant will have attempted at least a dozen exercises, and generated at least a half-dozen drafts of new poems.

*The number of instructor critiques depends upon enrollment.

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Early Bird: $190 / After June 24: $215 


The Instructor

Tim Tomlinson is the author of Requiem for the Tree Fort I Set on Fire, about which poet/critic Robert Kramer wrote: “…the overall tone [is] sparse, restrained, laconic, hard-boiled, skeptical, ironic. Even in the portrayal of what would seem to be deeply emotional situations, an atmosphere of ‘cool’ prevails” (American Book Review, Jan/Feb 2017). Tomlinson is also the author of This Is Not Happening to You, a collection of short fiction (due Sept 2017), Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse, and co-author of The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. His work has been published in Australia, China, India, the Philippines, Singapore, and throughout the US, and is anthologized in We Contain Multitudes: Twelve Years of SoftblowThe Brooklyn Poets AnthologyEternal Snow, and in the forthcoming Lofi Poetry Poets Responding to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. He is a co-founder of New York Writers Workshop, and a professor in New York University’s Global Liberal Studies Program.    


NYC Poetry: Cerebral Junkies to Language Hustlers

The Focus NYC stands as bedrock and metaphor. It has become emblematic of motion, progression, controlled chaos, the height of culture, and exchange of ideas. But it also amplifies all that does and does not work in The United States. If this city represents not only urban centers across the country, but also the individual as they understand themselves as part and whole, how can we pull from the exchange of tangible and intangible made real? How can we harness the prosody of a city street and transfer it to our poetry and prose writing? How can we move down the page as the One Train barreling under Broadway?

The Route From synapse to street corner, we vacillate between moments of intense connection and isolation [the individual as the collective : micro as macro]. This is true of many places where people meet, around the globe, to exchange ideas. Each time we are pulled within, then tugged out, we are witnessing the writing mind in action. By reading New York City poetry from the Industrial Revolution right up to today, we will learn how poets have drawn and continue to draw from individuality in order to connect with collective determination on the page. The poetry may be physically housed within city limits, but it reaches out and across humanity. Each week will be an opportunity create new work, mimic the forms and content that resonate with us, and connect with other poets doing this work right alongside us. 

The Means In this non-traditional workshop, we will each be challenged to think outside of our comfort zones and trust our creative impulses. The artist in you will be respected and nurtured here. I seek only to move you further along the trajectory you have set for yourself-- I am not here to criticize your content, influence your creative impetus, or steer you down "traditional routes." If you would like help setting a creative trajectory, we can work together to identify the sonic impulses you return to and the quiet themes emerging in your work. I look forward to spending this time with you and showing you around the real and imagined city my family has called home for six generations.

The Instructor Jen Fitzgerald is a poet, essayist, photographer, and a native New Yorker who received her MFA in Poetry at Lesley University and her BA in Writing at The College of Staten Island (CUNY). She is the host of New Books in Poetry Podcast, a member of New York Writers Workshop, and was a Bread Loaf 2014 Conference participant. She teaches creative writing workshops online and around NYC. Her first collection of poetry, The Art of Work was published by Noemi Press in September of 2016. Her essays, poetry, and photography have appeared in such outlets as PBS Newshour, Boston Review, Tin House, Salon, PEN Anthology, Colorado Review, Harriet: The Poetry Foundation Blog, Best American Poetry Blog, among others. She now divides her time between N.Y.C. and D.C. where she is at work on a few exciting projects and collaborations.

Contact: newyorkwritersworkshop@gmail.com

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Write Your Life: The Art of Memoir

You have a powerful story to tell, the task before you is to make it a book. Whether you've taken an incredible journey or want to share an utterly conventional life, your readers will be captivated if the story is well told. In this class we'll discuss tips and techniques, practice what we learn from master memoiristsand each otherand come to understand how our work fits in the marketplace. Whether you're just starting your book or revising for publication, youll find resources and assignments to support your project. Your life holds many tales, but the job of the memoirist is to distill the essential details into a captivating story.  

You'll come away with a solid description of your book, finished chapter material, some basic marketing materials. You'll also receive a full electronic package of all course materials. When course ends, you'll remain within the NYWW online community. 

Lisa L. Kirchner

Lisa L. Kirchner is the author of the critically-acclaimed Hello American Lady Creature: What I Learned as a Woman in Qatar. Her work has been featured on NBC, FOX News, NPR and BBC Radio stations. Her writing has appeared in book anthologies, magazines & newspapers including The Washington PostNew York Times and Salon.com. At one time she was simultaneously the dating columnist for an alternative newsweekly, bridal editor for a society rag and the religion reporter for a gay and lesbian newspaper. She hosts the storytelling show, True Stories. More at www.LisaLKirchner.com.

Contact: newyorkwritersworkshop@gmail.com 

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Developing Fiction: A Workshop in Narrative Prose

Over six sessions, covering Entry Points, Character, Setting, Plot, Scene/Summary/ Dialogue, and Revision, participants will do exercises in critical craft functions of narrative prose, critique manuscripts of their peers, and submit their own at least once for assessment by peers and the instructor. Once registered, participants will be welcomed onto the course shell, hosted by Wet.Ink. When course ends, participants will remain within the NYWW online community, and will receive a full electronic package of all course materials. The course will cultivate the talent and enrich the skills of participants at whatever level, and it will do so in a nurturing, sensitive environment. By course's end, participants will have over a half-dozen new pieces and over a dozen techniques with which to continue the work started in the sessions.  

Tim Tomlinson is a co-founder of New York Writers Workshop and co-author of its popular text, The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. Other publications include the chapbook, Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse, the poetry collection, Requiem for the Tree Fort I Set on Fire, and the forthcoming collection of short fiction, This Is Not Happening to You (Fall 2017). His poems, essays, and short fiction have appeared in numerous US venues, as well as in Australia, China, and the Philippines. He resides in New York City, where he teaches in NYU's Global Liberal Studies program. He is excited to lead New York Writers Workshop into the online-workshop world.


Dates: April 28 – June 2

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Contact: newyorkwritersworkshop@gmail.com