Authors Guild

The Authors Guild has long served as the collective voice of American authors on Capitol Hill, in the courtroom, and at the negotiating table with publishers. We’re all in this together, and in these turbulent times for the book industry, we need the strongest voice we can muster. Help build the Guild and receive $25 off your first year of membership during the AG special summer promotion thru September 30th. In addition to their important advocacy work, the Guild offers these and other benefits of membership:

• Free legal help on writing and publishing matters-including written book contract reviews.

• Author website building with exclusive Sitebuilder software and low-cost hosting (in most cases just $6 per month).

• Free seminars, covering topics such as marketing and publicity, movie deals, estate planning, and more.

Not only traditionally published authors qualify for membership; self-published and freelance authors earning at least $500 in writing income can become members of the Guild. Learn more about eligibility criteria here.

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New York Writers Resources is the parent corporation of Greenpoint Press, an independent publishing company and New York Writers Workshop, a collective of professional writers.

For more information visit the New York Writers Resources website.


Greenpoint Press

Greenpoint Press, a project of New York Writers Resources, aims to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction that might otherwise be overlooked by commercial publishers, with an emphasis on personal stories with a strong narrative and distinctive voice.

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Pentian is a online platform that combines full-service self-publishing with a multilingual crowdfunding platform for books. This platform allows authors to present their projects, lets backers pledge and support them and provides financial rewards to all involved once the books sell. It is an extraordinary tool to reach potential readers around the world and build the authors fan-base.

For more information, please visit Pentian’s website